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Annual Congress of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine March 15-17, 2018 Schedule

14.5 ANCC, ACCME and AANA credits applied for.

As of 2/6/2018, subject to change

Invited Speakers:

  • Anoushka Afonso, MD
  • Bret Alvis, MD
  • Robin Anderson, RN, BSN
  • Solomon Aronson MD, MBA, FACC, FCCP, FAHA, FASE
  • Angela Bader, MD, PhD
  • Joni Brady, DNP, RN-BC, CAPA
  • Maxime Cannesson, MD, PhD
  • Francesco Carli, MD, MPhil
  • Desiree Chappell, CRNA, MSNA
  • Philip Corvo, MD, MA, FACS
  • Diana L. Diesen, MD
  • Lee Fleisher, MD
  • Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA
  • Vijay Gottumukkala, MS, BS, MD(Anes), FRCA
  • Mike Grocott, BSc, MBBS, MD, FRCA, FRCP. FFICM
  • Traci Hedrick, MD
  • Stefan Holubar, MD, MS, FACS, FASCRS
  • Jonathan A. Laryea, MD, FACS, FASCRS, FWACS
  • Terrence J. Loftus, MD
  • Matthew D. McEvoy, MD
  • Timothy Miller, MB, ChB, FRCA
  • Vicki Morton, DNP, AGNP-BC
  • Monty Mythen, MD, FRCA, FFICM, FCAI(Hon)
  • George Joseph Nassif, Jr., DO
  • Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS
  • Carol J. Peden, MB, ChB, MD, MPH
  • Michael R. Pinsky, MD, Drhc
  • Lynn Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA, FNAP
  • Bethany Sarosiek, RN, MSN, MPH, CNL
  • Michael Scott, MD, ChB
  • Anthony Senagore, MD, MBA
  • Daniel I. Sessler, MD
  • Julie Thacker, MD
  • Elizabeth Wick, MD
  • Judson Williams, MD, MHS
  • Christopher Wu, MD
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Thursday, March 15th, 2018

7:00 – 8:00am       Breakfast 

Session 1: Presidential Session
Moderator: Stefan Holubar, MD, MS, FACS, FASCRS

8:00 – 8:20am  ASER 2018: Past/Present/Future
Julie Thacker, MD
8:20 – 8:40am POQI 2018: Past/Present/Future
Timothy Miller, MB, ChB, FRCA
8:40 – 9:05am  Optimizing Patient Outcomes
Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS
9:05 – 9:30am Patient decision making and engagement: How can we measure and improve it?
Lee Fleisher, MD
9:30 – 10:00am Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

Session 2: Enhanced Recovery Across the Surgical Spectrum
Moderator: Anthony Senagore, MD

10:00 – 10:15am Pediatrics: Parents/Pains
Dana L. Diesen, MD
10:15 – 10:30am Plastics Free Flaps
Anoushka Afonso, MD
10:30 – 10:45am Hip & Knee
Bret Alvis, MD
10:45 – 11:00am Emergency Laparotomy
Michael Scott, MB, ChB
11:00 – 11:15am Cariothoracic
Judson Williams, MD, MHS
11:15 – 12:00pm Panel Discussion
12:00 – 1:15pm Lunch & Edwards Lifesciences Symposia:
“What’s too Low?” — Managing Pressure & Flow in the Perioperative Period 
Daniel I. Sessler, MD; Monty Mythen, MB, BS, FRCA, FFICM, FCAI (Hon); Timothy Miller, MB, ChB, FRCA

Session 3: Enhanced Recover: Solutions to the Opioid Crisis
Moderators: Vijay Gottumukkala, MS, BS, MD(nes), FRCA;
Stefan Holubar, MD, MS, FACS, FASCRS; Matthew D. McEvoy, MD

1:15 – 1:30pm  Opioid Burden
Lynn Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA, FNAP
1:30 – 1:45pm   Opioid-free Analgesia
George Joseph Nassif, Jr., DO
1:45 – 2:00pm   Epidurals, Spinals and Blocks
Christopher Wu, MD
2:00 – 2:15pm  Management of Patient on Chronic Opioid Therapy
Traci Hedrick, MD
2:15 – 3:15pm  Case Discussion
3:15 – 3:45pm Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors
3:15 – 5:30pm Concurrent Breakouts

  • Auditing, Reporting to the C-Suite
    Julie Thacker, MD; TBD; Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS; Lee Fleisher, MD
5:30 – 7:00pm Opening Reception and Poster Presentations

Friday, March 16th, 2018

7:00 – 8:00am  Breakfast
Session 4: EBPOM-1/POQI-3: Perioperative Hypotension: First do no Harm
Moderator: Mike Grocott, BSc, MBBS, MD, FRCA, FRCP, FFICM
8:00 – 8:12am  Physiology of Blood Pressure
Michael Pinsky, MD, Drhc
8:12 – 8:24am   Preoperative Blood Pressure Management
Angela Bader, MD, PhD
8:24 – 8:36am  Intraoperative Blood Pressure Management
Daniel Sessler, MD
8:36 – 8:48am  Postoperative Blood Pressure Management
Matthew D. McEvoy, MD
8:48 – 9:30am Panel Discussion / Q&A
9:30 – 10:00am  Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors
Session 5: EPOM-2: Perioperative Space: Ownership vs. Collaboration
Moderator: Monty Mythen, MD, FRCAm FFICM, FCAI (Hon)
10:00 – 10:30am  Debate: The Current Preoperative Pathway is Fundamentally Flawed
Solomon Aronson, MD, MBA, FACC, FCCP, FAHA, FASE; Traci Hedrick, MD
10:30 – 11:00am  Debate:Postoperative Care has to be Delivered by the Surgeon
Lee Fleisher, MD; Anthony Senagore, MD
11:00 – 11:30am  Debate: Collaborative Decision Making is the Best Approach to Discuss Perioperative Risk
Angela Bader, Md, PhD; Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS
11:30 – 12:00pm Panel Discussion / Q&A
12:00 – 1:15pm Lunch & Nestle Health Science Symposia: Evidence-based Immunonutrition: Results from the Strong for Surgery Program
 Nestle: Dr. Souvik Banerjee PhD, Research Assistant Professor and Health Economist, Section of General Internal Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
Session 6: Show Me the Evidence: Optimizing Care & Outcomes
Moderator: Terrance J. Loftus, MD
1:15 – 1:30pm  Prehabilitation
Francesco Carli, MD, MPhil
1:30 – 1:45pm Lung-protective Strategies & RNMB
Desiree Chappell, CRNA, MSNA
1:45 – 2:00pm  Restrictive IV Fluid Management & AKI
Maxime Cannesson, MD, PhD
2:00 – 2:15pm  Adherence: What Elements Really Matter?
Johnathan A. Laryea, MD, FACS, FASCRS, FWACS
2:15 – 2:30pm We are Building a Cathedral: The Connecticut Surgical Quality Collaborative Experience
Philip Corvo, MD, MA, FACS
2:30 – 3:15pm Panel Discussion / Q&A
3:15 – 3:45pm Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors
3:45 – 5:30pm Concurrent Breakouts

  • Research Methodology Workshop
    Anoushka Afonso, MD; Christopher Wu, MD; Anthony Senagore, MD
  • Using Dynamic Assessment to Guide Fluid Management
    Sponsored by: Cheetah Medical

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

7:00 – 8:00am Breakfast
Session 7: Building the Enhanced Recovery Team: Keys to Success
Moderator: Julie Thacker, MD
8:00 – 8:15am Who is the Team
Robin Anderson, RN, BSN
8:15 – 8:30am    Role of the Coordinator- Making the Case
Bethany Sarosiek, RN, MSN, MPH, CNL
8:30 – 8:45am Data Challenges from Beginning and Beyond 
Vicki Morton, DNP, AGNP-BC
8:45 – 9:00am Administrative Buy-In
Joni M. Bradyy, DNP, RN-BC, CAPA
9:00 – 9:30am  Q&A
9:30 – 10:00am Break
Session 8: Plenary Session
Moderator: Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA
10:00 – 10:10am Research Awards
Anoushka Afonso, MD
10:10 – 10:50am PLENARY LECTURE: Enhanced Surgical Recovery; The Future is Yesterday
Monty Mythen, MD, FRCA, FFIM, FCAI (Hon)
10:50 – 11:15am  AHRQ Enhanced Recovery Grant 
Elizabeth Wick, MD
11:15 – 11:40am Q.I. in ERP
Carol J. Peden, MB, Chb, MD, MPH
11:40 – 12:00pm  Panel Discussion / Q&A